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This site will give you a host of different sites that may assist you in locating various resources for church information, bible and sabbath school study aids and much much more.

LRC Web Site
Lake Region Conference Web Site for conference information.

Vibrant Life
The Vibrant Life site offers information on Herbs and other healthful living information.

Sabbath School Resource Site

This site will provide resources that can be used for Sabbath School.

Childrens Site
This site will provide resources that can be used for teaching Children

Ellen G. White Audio Books
We are glad to have you come to visit us. Here are several of the books of the Spirit of Prophecy available in audio format (mp3). The files are free to download and to pass on to others. Because there are different readers, the credits are shown in the description for each book.

Feel free to send us your testimonies. We earnestly desire that this will be a blessing for God's children around the world.

"Freely ye have received, freely give..." Matthew 10:8

"And ministers and people should engage in the circulation of books, pamphlets, and tracts, as never before. Sell where people are able and willing to purchase, and where they are not, give them the books." {1T 689.3}